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Raising the Standard

Family-run construction company in Edmonton, Alberta. We pride ourselves on a job done correctly. We go beyond industry standards and seek out the very best in materials. We're fully certified and insured and our focus is on delivering exceptional service and results. 

RCS Services

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Slab Preparation


Your building needs to be built on a solid foundation. That starts with protecting it against radon and water. We focus on preparing the foundation according to specifications and quickly so you can stay on schedule. 

Membranes + Waterproofing

 We don’t skimp on materials. We use the best membrane on the market to ensure your building is secure from the elements. Guaranteed for 10 years, our membranes form a durable seal that you can trust. 

Foundation Repair

Nobody wants leaks, but unfortunately they do happen. We go above and beyond in our repairs to ensure you won’t have to deal with leaks or dampness again. We use the highest quality membranes to ensure your home or building is airtight, water tight and protected. 




Our excavation equipment is ideal for small jobs like trenching, foundation excavation, gravel installation and more. 

Temporary Labour

We’re veteran-owned and we strongly believe in supporting our military veterans. That’s why we offer temporary labour services that consist entirely of retired military veterans. Call us for more information and current rates. 

Earth Bin Installation

We're the official Alberta installer for EarthBin®. Their durable in-ground containers are a space-saving, attractive waste management solution. We'll handle the installation and you can be reassured that ANY waste hauler servicing on-ground dumpsters can service your EarthBin®.


Brands We Trust

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